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We hope you enjoy looking around! Just Fur Fun Bunnitry's rabbitry is located between Rochester and Syracuse in Upstate New York breeding the small, friendly, dwarf-sized Mini Rex Rabbit.  We are focused on providing high-quality, purebred Mini Rex to happy, educated homes - we do everything we can to meet and exceed expectations so our bunnies can have the greatest match with a life-long family.  

Raising the best (in our opinion) colour variety of Mini Rex, the beautiful SablePoint, we occasionally see litters produce kits in side colors like Sable, Smoke Pearl, Ruby-Eyed White(REW), and Himalayan in Blue, Black, and sometimes Browns.  With many personalities to choose from, we'll be happy to help find the right rabbit for you! Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

*We're still improving our site's resources every day!  If you know of a Rabbit-Specialized Vet, Supplies Source, or Genetics/Breeding tips, let us know!

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(Just looking for a pet? Don't forget to check out your local shelters! Humane societies like Lollypop Farms and OC Happy Tails take in rabbits, neuter them for you for free, then look for loving homes to adopt them. Don't overlook these alternate sources for a family pet!)

Brown Velveteen Bunny Rabbit

Click here to see available Hatching Eggs, Chicks, and Ducklings.

(We raise Ancona "Spotted" Ducks and both

Common-Speckled and Celadon-Blue Coturnix Quail currently.  Hatching eggs, Eating eggs, and Chicks/Ducklings available as the hens feel like providing .)

Hen and Ducklings Ancona Spotted Baby Ducks
Rabbit Harness for Walking or Hopping/Jumping

New to rabbits?

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(We've put together a conglomeration of our own experiences and information on rabbits, care, hopping and more.  These will offer the basics in bunny care and showing to get the new enthusiast started in rabbits.)

We enjoy helping others, whether breeder or browser, to find the information they need in the rabbit breeding community and would welcome the opportunity to talk rabbits with you!
Our rabbitry started with one single rabbit. We found our first doe(female) at the 2009 New York State Fair, a Blue-Eyed White(BEW) from SueSykes(SS) Rabbitry.  After realizing rabbit breeding was in our family history with "Just Fur Fun Rabbitry" back in the 1980's-1990's, we decided to start back into things with a slight twist on the original name, beginning "Just Fur Fun Bunnitry".  After looking up the standards for Mini Rex, we discovered that, as a brood-type doe, she would make an excellent doe to start a breeding program.  We then joined our local 4-H Youth club to get more involved with rabbits. It was this that prompted us to go to our first rabbit show.  There, we found the perfect complementary BEW buck(male) for showing, and a beautiful Castor doe with the BEW-Vienna gene; she had two white claws, a common miscolouration of those carrying the vienna-gene that, though a show disqualification, made her unique.  
We did our first breeding in 2010: our BEW buck, FamilyPride Rabbitry's MnMs, with our Castor doe, Cocoa. They produced an almost peak-of-perfection doe kit who became our first Best Bred by Exhibitor rabbit!  Her name was JustFurFun's Velvet and she marked the official beginning of our next-generation rabbitry.  All rabbits since, including her, have been bred to be friendly velveteen bunnies. They have been trained, almost from birth, to compete in Youth Showmanship and be practiced at posing and being checked over(flipped up-side down and having teeth, eyes, ears, belly, vent and tail checked and examined).  Though some are naturals, even the more wriggly kits have potential in their own ways.

In late 2010 we added the Sable Point variety along-side our BEWs.  FamilyPride Rabbitry's Aspen was our herd founder buck for the Shaded lines and brought in an incredibly loveable, outgoing personality along with his near-perfect colouration for almost 11 years.  As with most rare or uncommon colours, another more established variety is often needed to bring in the lacking qualities, such as coat and type.  We started by bringing in the high quality of fur and type from Carrol Creek's Himalayans into our Sable Points, resulting in some fine-looking Sables along the way, and have now incorporated amazing stock from the SS, Creekside, and Hilltop rabbitries as well.

Any would make great pets, show-bunnies or both! Mini Rex have fur that feels similar to velvet and their average weight is from 3.5-4.5 lbs. A very friendly breed in general. We love visitors, and can guarantee that we will be here if a date is set up with us. 'Contact Us' will have more info on setting up a date.

Thank you for taking the time to read our background and we all hope you will enjoy our website!  

If you are looking to buy a rabbit from us, they can be picked up at our location or delivered to a show.

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