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Black Himalayan Female Mini Rex Rabbit JustFurFun's B1


Active Herd Does

Sable Point Mini Rex Young Female Bunny

These are the gorgeous girls contributing to make the next generation of Mini Rex even better than the last.  Every breeding succeeds when the kits to come out superior to their dams!  Each doe is a piece of a puzzle with their own individual strengths and weaknesses.  When deciding who to breed we'll try to fit together different "pieces" (does to bucks) for the right combination.

SablePoint MiniRex Senior MiniRex Doe In Herb Garden
SablePoint MiniRex Doe Just Fur Fun's WN1

Just Fur Fun's Petals (WN1)

Sable Point Variety

Sire: Just Fur Fun's Wonder (GF2) Himalayan

Dam: Just Fur Fun's Null (GV1) SablePoint

DOB: 02/04/2022

Coat has good density, great texture, and excellent color.

Brood-type showing excellent depth and great length.  

Needs to fill in through the midsection and over the pins to give width to balance her depth.

*An adventurous girl, Petals is always inquisitive.  Very outgoing and confident between snacks and head rubs.*

SablePoint Brown MiniRex Rabbit Just Fur Fun's TN1


Just Fur Fun's Zorya (TN1)

Sable Point Variety

Sire: Just Fur Fun's Thyme (WV1) SablePoint

Dam: Just Fur Fun's Null (GV1) SablePoint

DOB: 07/23/2022

Coat has good density, nice texture, and excellent colour.

Compact-type with great width, good fullness throughout, and a good head/ears.

Needs a shorter midsection and greater depth to balance her width.

*A curious, outgoing explorer, Zorya lives for getting headrubs just like her father.  More energetic and not a fan of being picked up and held still.*

Sable Mini Rex Doe Rabbit JustFurFunBunnitry GF1

Just Fur Fun's Curiosity (GF1)

Sable Variety

Sire: Creekside's Glasscow (LOOKINGGLASS) SablePoint

Dam: Just Fur Fun's Fascinate (HI19) Himalayan

DOB:  06/24/2021

Coat has good density, softer texture, and excellent colour.

Compact-type doe, she's one of our smallest does at around 3lbs.  Has good hindquarter and and length with a balanced head and ears.

Needs a stronger shoulder and more fullness over the hindquarters to fill in her tiny frame.

*Curi is a shy, reserved lady who is quiet in her gentle curiosity.  Amazing lap companion.

Sable Brown Mini Rex Rabbit Doe JustFurFun's JN1


Just Fur Fun's Dot (JN1)

Sable Variety

Sire: SS's JakeFromStateFarm (TVR) Blue Himalayan

Dam: Just Fur Fun's Null (GV1) SablePoint

DOB: 01/30/2023

Coat has good density, excellent texture, and excellent colour.

Brood-type showing great width and fullness over the hindquarters.  Good depth and slope,

Needs to be more compact in type and head/ear size.

*Calm and curious, she's a more laidback doe.  However, not the biggest fan of health-check flipping.*

Seal Mini Rex Adult Female Rabbit Hillside's HT84

Hilltop's Lady FireWorks (HT84)

Seal Variety

Sire: Hilltop's DownByTheSeaSide (DCPQEZ) Seal

Dam: Calm's Mandy (SD40) Seal

DOB: 01/31/2022

Coat has excellent density, excellent texture, and excellent colour. 

Brood-type on the larger side, she has excellent depth and width with nice balance.

Needs a shorter shoulder and smaller type.

*'Works is a chill, laid back girl with a calmer attitude.   Likes to take things at her own pace.

Blue and White Himalayan MiniRex Doe JustFurFun's JC2
Himalayan Doe (JC2)Yarn 2023-11-4 BOG_edited.jpg


Just Fur Fun's Yarn (JC2)

Blue Himalayan Variety

Sire: SS's JakeFromStateFarm (TVR) Blue Himalayan

Dam: Just Fur Fun's Curiosity (GF1) Sable

DOB: 01/02/2023

Coat has great density, a softer texture, and excellent, dark points.

Compact-type doe with a full hindquarters and good width/length.

Needs more depth to balance the flatter impression given by her length.

*Outgoing girl.  She has a slight whisker sensitivity, but does make a good lap bunny once acclimated.*


Potential Doe Kits

Up and coming Junior Does who show promise for joining the breeding herd.  Kits continue changing as they grow, sometimes improving one area or another, and sometimes not.  Those who do not grow into the characteristics our herd needs become available for others.  Those who do keep the needed traits become active herd does!


Previous Does

These are some of our ladies who went to new homes, new rabbitries, or retired.  They let us look back and see how our rabbitry has progressed as well as show a variety of beautiful faces!

HimalayanBlue,Doe,(JZ11),2024-6-1 (side).jpg

JFF's MissHoney(JZ11)

Himalayan Variety

Sold 6/2024 

HimalayanBlue,Doe,(WD3),2024-6-1 (side).jpg

JFF's Chocolate(WD3)

Himalayan Variety

Sold 6/2024 

SmokePearl,Doe,(WD1),2024-6-1 (side).jpg

JFF's Monclear(WD1)

SmokePearl Variety

Sold 6/2024 

Sable Point Mini Rex Female JustFurFun's GV1

Just Fur Fun's

Null (GV1)

SablePoint Variety

Retired 3/2024 

Sable,Doe,(MC2)Loaf,2024-2-19 (1)_edited.jpg

JFF's Loaf (MC2)

Sable Variety

Sold 3/2024 

Dwarf Mini Rex Velvet Soft Friendly Small Bunny Fur Rabbit Siamese Female Baby

JFF's Zoomby (TW11)

Sable Variety

Sold 3/2024 


JFF's Shylee (TW8)

Sable Point Variety

Sold 2/2024

Blue Himalayan Mini Rex Female JustFurFun's JV1

JFF's OrchidII (JV1)

Himalayan Variety

Sold 8/2023 

Sable Doe (TW1)Celosia 2023-6-4_edited.jpg

JFF's Celosia (TW1)

Sable Variety

Sold 7/2023 

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