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Active Herd Bucks

These are the beautiful boys contributing to make the next generation of Mini Rex even better than the last.  Every breeding succeeds when the kits to come out superior to their sires!  Each buck is a piece of a puzzle with their own individual strengths and weaknesses.  When deciding who to breed we'll try to fit together different "pieces" (bucks to does) for the right combination.


FamilyPride's Aspen (PD5):

     The Original Herd Sire 

SablePoint Buck (WV1)Thyme 2023-6-4_edited.jpg


Just Fur Fun's Thyme (WV1)

Sable Point Variety

Sire: Just Fur Fun's Wonder (GF2)

Dam: Just Fur Fun's Vinca (GU2)


Coat has good density, softer texture, and excellent color. 

Compact-type with good width and nice balance between head/ears and body.  

Needs more depth to balance his width, looks longer in the midsection.

*Thyme is our "potato" bunny.  Very outgoing, loves his head rubs more than anything, and is great at health checks and hanging out on laps.*

Himalayan Buck (GF2)Wonder 2023-6-4_edited.jpg

Just Fur Fun's Wonder (GF2)

Black Himalayan Variety

Sire: Creekside's Glasscow (LOOKINGGLASS)

Dam: Just Fur Fun's Fascinate (HI19)

DOB:  06/24/2021

Coat has fair density, slightly coarse texture, and excellent color.

Compact-type with a great head/ears. Has incredible lines behind him.

Needs a shorter midsection and shoulder and fuller hindquarters. 

*Wonder is more shy and quiet.  Likes to come to you rather than you to him.  Amazing lap bunny companion!*

HimalayanBlue Buck (TVR)JakeFSF 2023-6-4_edited.jpg

SS's JakeFromStateFarm (TVR)

Blue Himalayan Variety

Sire: Autumn Oaks Mason (MAS)

Dam:  SS Bailey (BLY)

DOB:  04/20/2022

Great density, slightly coarse texture, and excellent color.

Brood-type with great depth/width/length.

Needs a more compact size and higher shoulder.

*JakeFSF is rather shy, liking his own space and preferring treats to excessive attention.  Very quiet, laid back buck.


Just Fur Fun's Meatball (JZ5)

Himalayan Blue Variety                                                           

Sire: SS's JakeFromStateFarm (TVR) Himalayan

Dam: Just Fur Fun's Zorya (TN1) SablePoint

DOB: 01/30/2023

Coat shows good colour, great density, and amazing texture that feels like the world's best pillow.

Compact-type with good width to depth and a full hindquarter.

Needs just a hair more depth over his high point.

*Squishy boy who is good at hanging on laps for a bit, but loves getting to slowly explore new areas and bounce around.*

Himalayan,Buck,(JZ5)Meatball,2024-3-23 (FultonShow)_edited.jpg
SmokePearl Buck (JZ1) 2023-11-4 BOG_edited.jpg

Just Fur Fun's Raindance (JZ1)

SmokePearl Variety                                                           

Sire: SS's JakeFromStateFarm (TVR) Himalayan

Dam: Just Fur Fun's Zorya (TN1) SablePoint

DOB: 01/30/2023

Coat shows very good density, great texture, and great colour.

Compact-type with good width to depth balance and a full hindquarter.

Needs a bit more depth and could have a faster rise.

*Rain is a sweet bun who's just as good hanging out on laps as hopping around and exploring. Will stretch out for head rubs any time.*


Potential Buck Kits

Up and coming Junior Bucks who show promise for joining the breeding herd.  Kits continue changing as they grow, sometimes improving one area or another, and sometimes not.  Those who do not grow into the characteristics our herd needs become available for others.  Those who do keep the needed traits become active herd bucks!

Himalayan Buck BigBoy(I3) 22Jan2022_edited.jpg
Rabbit BIS C.FairOpen Sr_edited.jpg


Previous Bucks

These are some of the boys who went to new homes, new rabbitries, or retired.  They let us look back and see how our rabbitry has progressed as well as show a variety of handsome faces!

Sable,Buck,(JZ6)Ryno,2024-4-18 (1).jpg

JFF's Ryno (JZ6)

Sable Variety

Sold 6/2024 

Sable,Buck,(TW20),2024-6-1 (side).jpg

JFF's (TW20)

Smoke Pearl Variety

Sold 6/2024 

Dwarf Mini Rex Velvet Soft Friendly Small Bunny Rabbit Shaded

JFF's Blip (JC6)

Sable Variety

Sold 3/2024 

Sable Doe (TW12) 2023-10-21_edited.jpg

JFF's ChasingStorms(TW12)

Sable Variety

Sold 11/2023 

Sable Buck (TW13) 2023-10-21 (1)_edited.jpg

Just Fur Fun's (TW13)

Sable Variety

Sold 11/2023 

SablePoint Buck (TW10) 2023-10-21_edited.jpg

Just Fur Fun's (TW10)

Sable Point Variety

Sold 11/2023 


JFF's Apple (TW9)

Sable Point Variety

Sold 2/2024

Himalayan,Buck,(MC1)Pancakes,2024-2-18 (1)_edited.jpg

JFF's Pancakes (MC3)

Himalayan Variety

Sold 2/2024 

Dwarf Mini Rex Velvet Soft Friendly Small Bunny Rabbit Shaded Boy

JFF's Boop (JC7)

Sable Variety

Sold 2/2024 

Black Himalayan Mini Rex Buck Just Fur Fun's JV3

Just Fur Fun's (JV3)

Black Himalayan Variety

Sold 7/2023 

Sable Buck (TW4) 2023-6-4_edited.jpg

Just Fur Fun's Tùzǐ (TW4)

Sable Variety

Sold 7/2023 

Sable Point Mini Rex Male JustFurFun's TW2

JFF's Smoreless (TW2)

Sable Point Variety

Sold 8/2023 

SablePoint Mini Rex Buck JustFurFun's TW3

JFF's Schmoores (TW3)

Sable Point Variety

Sold 8/2023 

Sable Mini Rex Buck JustFurFun's JN3

JFF's Yakko (JN3)

Sable Variety

Sold 8/2023 

Black Himalayan MiniRex Buck JustFurFun's JC5

JFF's Wakko (JC5)

Himalayan Variety

Sold 8/2023 

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