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Baby Bunnies Sitting on Red Mini Rex Mother


Located in Canandaigua, NY on the North end of town.

Between Rochester and Syracuse, right on top of the Finger Lakes Area.

If you would like to ask a question or make a comment on our rabbitry, you can use the info form below. We are happy to receive any questions or suggestions you send to us! If you are wanting to visit our rabbitry to meet some bunnies, set a date and time with us for when you would like to come and we will make sure to be home.  For any looking for a rabbit, we will post who is available on the For Sale page, and some who have already been sold at the end of the pictures.

To ask for or to reserve a rabbit to pick up or check over yourself at a show, just fill out the Contact form and ask about that rabbit in the comments box(on Bottom). There may be a small holding fee depending on how long the rabbit(s) will be held.

You can also send comments on the bunnies and website!  This is a work in progress, so constructive advice is always appreciated.  (We always reply within three days, so if you've not heard back it's likely due to technical difficulties: please email directly to JustFurFunBunnitry at in this case.  Thank you for your patience during this time!)


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